Deep Real

Talk to five people on the ground at a major news event, and you’ll get five different takes on what happened. A person’s perspective, role or even place in a crowd can affect how an event or issue appears to them.

But what if you could switch through all five perspectives? Multiple viewpoints offer a more complete picture, allowing the viewer to draw their own conclusions. That’s the promise of Orsy, a revolutionary new way to news.

See what’s happening around the world in real-time.
By enabling anyone anywhere to upload live content, Orsy makes it possible to witness events as they happen, with no delays, no filter and no need to constantly hit the refresh button.
Download Orsy and experience the future of news.
News by the people
for the people.
Orsy breaks down the barriers between audience and reporter, allowing anyone with a cellphone to become a citizen journalist and giving viewers around the world a front row seat to the events of the day. Orsy reporters receive their financial support through tips on the platform, so the only people they answer to is their viewers, and that creates a vibrant interactive community. Viewers who are watching live can interact with the streamer on the ground, whether it’s to ask for a different perspective or explanation or simply to offer encouragement or advice. And when they find a streamer they like, they can follow, share and save their content.
The only news platform with its own currency.

We believe everyone should be able to be rewarded for their efforts, so we’ve created a way for every streamer to be able to receive a tip, no matter where they live or the challenges they face.

As news often happens in places where an unstable political situation can often mean an unstable financial system, Orsy has developed its own currency – the Orsy Coin. This allows the streamer the flexibility to easily convert the rewards they earn into any global currency or to hold their earnings in Orsy Coin if their own national currency is unstable.